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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 11:38am-12:41pm EDT

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mr. trump: i love virginia. i have a lot of people that work very hard. i probably pay them too much. and i have the vineyards in charlottesville, you know that. >> [cheering] mr. trump: i have trump national, which is a tremendous success, right along the potomac river. probably no piece of land like it. it is phenomenal. we have a lot of people that work for me. we have a lot of people -- frankly, i work for them, the way i look at it. they are so good that i actually need them then they -- more than they need me. does that make sense? where is kerry? getup. . , appeared -- get up here.
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come on. she runs the vineyards. trump vineyards. one of the drivers was telling me they go back-and-forth all the time bringing people, but she runs it. and she has done such an incredible job. we took it over about four years ago. to put it mildly, it was in serious trouble. it is close to 2000 acres and it is one of the most beautiful. actually the largest vineyards on the east coast of this country. the largest. >> [cheering] mr. trump: and it has become an incredible, incredible tourist attraction. and she has literally from day one -- she has taken it with love and with pride -- and i am proud because you know one of the things -- and i have to say this -- if anke said i have to say this -- and i think you will confirm it -- but i have more women in high executive positions -- in fact --
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>> [cheering] mr. trump: true. true. in fact, the men in my company are all complaining. is that ok? to hell with them. just a word. do you like trump? go ahead. >> if you want someone who inspires greatness and demands excellent, this is your man. >> [cheering] mr. trump: thank you. thank you. she has done such an incredible job. thank you. you know, when i have a place -- usually i have a lot of them -- but when i go to certain areas and i have something i am very proud of, i like to bring the employees. we have some of our employees here today. but i like to bring the employees up because it is so important, especially when you are looking at what is going on in our country where our jobs are being taken away. they are going to other places, as you know. you can name the countries.
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we don't make good deals anymore. we just don't. so when i'm around when my places, i love to bring my people up. i love it. we had some big news today because i just have to talk about it. in the old days we would call it misinformation. do we agree? we are going to talk about the debate. anybody watch it last night? [laughter] and i tweeted, i tweeted. can you believe? and i made a commitment. i said i tweet so i couldn't turn it off. and somebody said on one of the networks the winner was trump because we picked up 160,000 followers. >> [cheering] second-place was a hot mess. i tell you that. so today, cnn came out with a
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poll. and the poll was in the state of nevada. they came out with another poll in south carolina, which is an incredible place. both incredible places. i said i have to read some of these because this is wild. so, we are in first place everywhere. i mean -- >> [cheering] [cheering] [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: he said, everywhere. i said, yeah, you are right. texas, new hampshire, iowa. we are first place everywhere. [cheering] but the polls just came out. and as you know, a couple of weeks ago, we had florida. and we are just killing in florida. so you have a governor and you have a sitting senator, and it is not even close.
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28, 28 quite a -- they are in the low teens. i'm not even happy when i hit 29 now, i am saying we should do better. at 38.nevada, we are think of it. >> [cheering] mr. trump: second-place is 22. i won't even bother telling you. when you have 38, you are almost doubling it up. again, done by cnn. , we are at 36 to 18. can you believe that? >> [cheering] mr. trump: connecticut just came out, 34 to 15. >> [cheering] mr. trump: but here is what i really like. which candidate can best handle the economy? ok? >> [cheering]
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[cheering] mr. trump: thank you. well, that was big. 67% said trump. can you believe it? now you have to remember -- you know -- if we had two people running and you had 67%, that would be a landslide, right? with 67%, the press -- look at the cameras going back there. so many. so many. i look at all the red lights. show the crowd, everybody. show the crowd. show the crowd. >> [cheering] mr. trump: and a lot of people outside that the fire marshal will not let in, so it is one of those things, that i will tell 67% in awhen you have two-person race, that is called landslide. that is called massive victory. i don't think there has ever been a victory -- and here we
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have a thing called the economy. would you say that is important to echo i would think so -- important? i would think so, right? we won the state by a lot. leading in the polls by a lot. now, a couple of these categories -- -- i have to read them -- -- illegal immigration. important. we are going to build the wall, believe me. we are going to build the wall. >> [cheering] [applause] [cheering] we. trump: and -- you know -- are going to build it -- it will be paid for. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall?
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category -- the next category, which is so important, -- that is ok. that is ok. don't worry. that is all right. >> [cheering] that's all right. >> [cheering] why we havehat's freedom of speech, folks. you know. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: and i will tell you -- i will tell you how dishonest the press is. we have thousands of people in this room -- 6000, 7000 -- we have about 10 people over there. they will get the headline, you won't. that is pretty disgusting. >> [cheering] mr. trump: pretty disgusting. but that is the way it goes.
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so illegal immigration -- 55% want trump. 13% to second place. that tells you something right there. 13%. 13%. >> [cheering] mr. trump: on social issues, trump is first. foreign policy, -- >> [cheering] [cheering] [cheering] [chanting] we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump.
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we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. mr. trump: thank you very much. that is great. thank you very much. but it is true, i see a couple of cameras. they are going wild, the cameras. it is so disgusting. but that is all right. on foreign policy, trump number one. 34%. on isis, who is going to handle isis? trump, 46. we are not going to play games. we are not playing games. we are not playing games. >> [cheering] mr. trump: on the change and how we do in washington -- on the change -- how are we going to change washington? who is going to do the most effective job? trap, 60%. 60. 60%. >> [cheering] mr. trump: here is an important
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one. best chance of winning in november. trump, number one. 47%. >> [cheering] mr. trump: amazing. >> [cheering] mr. trump: so we are number one at 42, and then you get to 16 and 10, a big difference. we have all come a long ways together. and we have a lot of bad people out there. they want to stop progress. and you see it all the time. i use the statement, the senate majority. the silent majority is back, folks. the silent majority is back. >> [cheering] [video clip] the silent -- mr. trump: the silent majority is back. period ofhe last time, we have had a very interesting thing happened. we've seen our country where we don't win anymore, and we are going to start winning so much.
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we are going to win left, we are going to win right, we are going to win everything. we have unbelievable people in this country. and nothing is going to stop us from starting to win again. >> [cheering] [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: you look at what is happening with foreign countries, you look at how they are taking our jobs, how they are taking our face, how they are taking everything we have, including our money. you look at what is going on with the foreign, no matter what country you are talking about. they beat the united states. it is not going to happen anymore. it is not. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: our trade deficit with china is almost $400
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billion. $400 billion. a year! a year. and then i see our president entertaining the heads of china and talking about our great trading partners. yeah, they are a great trading partner for china, not for us. our deficit with japan is $70 billion a year. pour in, pouring, -- we sell them relatively nothing practically speaking. what we sell them is beneath. -- beef. you go to los angeles and you see the bigger ships you have ever seen had and the cars are pouring off.
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they have no respect for us. and our trade deficit with japan -- is almost 70 million think of this, think of this. $70 billion. which is absolutely crazy. now, we go to mexico. i love the people of mexico. i love mexico. they are great people. i have thousands and thousands of hispanics working for me. thousands. thousands of hispanics. in fact, a nevada, the same poll, i went with the hispanics, which everyone is surprised. i win with the hispanics. >> [cheering] 2 so are trading deficit -- mr. trump: so are trading deficit with mexico is $45 billion a year. i'm going to build a wall that is going to be really a wall. nobody is coming in, other than if you come in legally.
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everybody said, you can't build a wall. and i say, mexico is going to pay for it. they say, you can't do that. you can't do that. how can they do that? if the wall costs $6 billion to build, and we are talking about 1000 miles. it is 2000. the great wall of china, think of it, is 13,000 miles. it was built 2000 years ago. we have a wall that has to be built. we have problems coming in like a nobody has ever seen before. it has to be built. has to be built. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: what ever anybody says, just remember this: almost everybody wanted this wall built 10 years ago, 12 years ago, 15 years ago. the liberals, the conservatives,
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everybody wanted it. one of the reasons it wasn't built was because they couldn't n environmental impact statement approved. can you believe this? are going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for it. now, the people -- the stupid people say mexico will pay for it. we give mexico billions of dollars. we have that trading deficit of almost $50 billion. five toalking about a 67, if you go rolls-royce, we are talking $5 billion to $7 billion. they are going to pay us so gladly. speakwill say this: i with our politicians, and i speak to them all the time, but i speak to them loud and clear, and i know who i am dealing with . and a lot of them are nice people. they say, donald, you will never
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be able to get them to pay. i realize they are not the right people to do the job because with the right messenger, they will pay so happily, so gladly. they are taking advantage of us at the border. they are taking advantage of us with trade. they are very good people, but their leaders are smarter than our leaders. our leaders don't have a clue. they don't have a clue. >> [applause] [cheering] we have a: we have -- situation where a mother is pregnant. she goes to the border. she walks across the border right in front of our border patrol, who are great people, but they are not allowed to do their jobs. she lies down, she has the baby that they call anchor babies. she has the baby. now we are responsible for that baby for 85 years. ok? i don't think so. i don't think so. we can't do it. we all 19 trillion dollars --
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owe $19 trillion, a number that is almost inconceivable when you think about it. owe $19$19 trillion -- trillion. we can't be in a position where we are doing anymore. we have to rebuild our country. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: we have to repeal and replace obamacare. have to do it. have to do it. have to do it. >> [cheering] obamacare is going to cost us more money than anybody would have ever dreamt, and it is no good. it doesn't work. ,our premiums are going up 55% 45%, 60%. your deductibles are through the roof. you could be dead and never get any of the money deductibles are so high.
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so we are going to repeal obama care. we are going to replace it with something that is going to be terrific. and -- >> [cheering] mr. trump: it is going to be terrific. it is going to cost a country very little, and people are going to be able to have their doctor, have their plan, pay less money. if they are sick, they are not going to have to worry about a deductible being so high that nothing works unless you get hit by a tractor. so we are going to do that. we are going to do so many different things. we are going to make our country great again. we are going to make it so great -- >> [cheering] [applause] we justmp: our taxes -- put in a plan the other day -- we are going to reduce taxes tremendously because we have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world, and are middle-class is being absolutely destroyed. being destroyed.
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you know, we used to have the middle class that everybody was proud of. we don't have that anymore. they are being so badly treated. our veterans are being treated worse than anybody. our veterans. >> [cheering] watch -- last night with bernie sanders and hillary and the other three guys that nobody -- yeah, yeah. the other three guys that nobody even knows who the hell they are. who are they? night asched last hillary and bernie sanders -- they just couldn't get things away fast enough. and they are getting them to illegal immigrants. they want health care for illegal immigrants, they want to have's licenses for illegal immigrants. they are suggesting -- listen to this -- social security for illegal immigrants. [boos] mr. trump: we are going to
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straighten things out. we are going to bring immigration under control. we are not going to have a situation like eight, beautiful kate and san francisco. this guy comes in five different times. they could've been much more than that. after the fifth time, she gets shot in the back. we are not going to have it anymore. we are going to have a situation that is going to be rational, reasonable. we are going to keep in the country -- when somebody goes through a long process with college, they go to harvard, they go to jail, they go to a great college -- the university of regina, rate college, right? and it is right next to our property. we love them. but they go to the university of they do fantastic. and they do just great. and they are so proud. and as from another country, but they want to stay here. and we tell them get out. you state here, you have to go
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home. and the case in india where a man opened the company and wanted to stay here. employees, one of the hottest companies in the world. and he would have been here. he would have been here. and that is what we want. we want to keep people here. we want people to come in legally. and i say -- >> [cheering] i say -- and so importantly -- we want to have a big door. we want to have a big, beautiful door right in the middle of that law. and we want those people to comment. they've got to do it through a legal process. if we don't have a border -- if we don't have a border and we have people all over this country -- we have no idea where they are coming from. we don't have a country. we no longer have a country. it is very simple. >> [applause] mr. trump: and we are going to
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do it with heart and we are going to get along with people and everything is going to be great, but we are going to take back our country and we are going to start doing things properly. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: when we have countries, like the ones i named -- and many others -- and we have people that take advantage of our leaders because they are not smart, they are incompetent, they are stupid, or they don't care -- that is going to and. i have the greatest minds on wall street. i have them already lined up. they are calling me. these are the greatest negotiators in the world. they are calling me -- carl icon, great. i have the best in the world. they don't want money. they do want salaries. they are rich. they made it because they are great negotiators. they want to come and they want to see a country be great again.
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they are proud of our country. some are nice people, some aren't, i don't care. i want the greatest. and i know the best, the smartest, the sharpest. i know people that are overrated. i know people that are better than all of them. >> [applause] mr. trump: and we are going to bring them in and we are going to bring them in and they are going to be in charge of, one, china. let me tell you about china. first of all, i love china. the people are great. they by my apartment for $50 million all the time, how could i just like them, writes? i have the largest bank in all of the world and one of my buildings. it is from china. it makes city -- citibank look this big. i wish it were turnaround. i wish our representatives took advantage of them. i think that would be great. i think that would be great. but it is a one-way street.
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it is a one-way street to poverty for us. poverty. we can't do it. we are in a bubble right now, believe me. we have a phony statistic on jobs, we have 100 million people in the workforce that want to work. we have 100 million people. we have tremendous levels of poverty. we have welfare all over the place. .nd these are people in many cases, they want to go out and have a great job and be proud and take-home a lot of money, but we can't because we are losing all our jobs. we are losing them to other nations. we are losing them to stupid policies. this trade pack -- transpacific partnership. it is -- believe me, believe me, if it was good i wouldn't care, proposed it. i wish obama were a great president. i wouldn't care.
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then i wouldn't have to run. i loved what i was doing. it's true. i love it. i love it. >> [applause] mr. trump: i would love if you were a great president. i would be his greatest fan. i don't care because what i want is good for the country. i don't want to be doing this. i am asked having fun because i'm so energized. -- actually having fun because i'm so energized. i went to dallas, we had 20,000 people or the mavericks play. we go to oklahoma two weeks ago, we had 20,000 people in a park. no matter where we go -- week went to mobile, alabama. we had 35,000 people. we go up to new hampshire, we had the biggest crowd. iowa, the biggest crowd. south carolina, we had something to weeks ago that was unbelievable. it was unbelievable. a friend of mine said, how do you do that?
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and you don't have teleprompters. i don't want a teleprompter. right? >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: i don't. it would be so much easier. think of it, you have your teleprompter, right? [indiscernible] hello, ladies and gentlemen. it is wonderful to be in virginia. where you have also to great people. and you do. by the way, you really have the hall of fame. you know -- it is true. no, you have the hall of fame. i tell my guys, i say, look, i'm here, i have a lot of property, it is great, but just a couple of things, this is a real hall of fame. patrick henry, give me liberty or give me death. >> [cheering] mr. trump: right? how good is that?
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>> [applause] mr. trump: i want to come up with a slogan as good as that. how about, make america great again? i don't know. it is great. but i so might give me liberty or give me death. see, i want to get the word off that eventually. he just said he will, i will. it is not going to be that hard. it takes common sense. it takes business ability. and we are going to treat people well. i say i am a conservative with heart because we are going to have that great health care program, but we are going to take care of everyone. we are going to take care of people. and people are going to pay much less. what i like to say -- conservative with heart because a lot of people think if you are a republican, you don't have heart. you are mean, horrible people. it doesn't work that way. somebody said, oh, well that is not conservative. called club for
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growth. club for growth. i never even heard of it. this guy comes up to my office, right? and he sits down. nice guy. i think he was an x congressman, so he knows how to talk. that is all they know how to do is talk. except for the politicians in this room, of which we have plenty. where is dave? he is great. >> [cheering] mr. trump: i was just with his family and his children and his wife, i tell you, he has done a great job. there is a guy who shows you he can do things. that has never happened before what he did. so i just gave him -- just a lot of credit. ok, so patrick henry, great, right? then you have thomas jefferson. that is pretty good, right? thomas jefferson, man. >> [applause] mr. trump: then you have james madison. principal author of the constitution. that is pretty good.
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and then you have george washington. that is pretty good, right? >> [cheering] mr. trump: pretty amazing. when you think of virginia, just pretty amazing. so, i tell the stories and i love the stories because it shows how important it is. i am self funding my campaign, ok? i am the only one. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: and i see all the guys that are competing with me, and some of them are nice -- although, some of them have hit me really hard. they're asking me for contributions, and then as soon as i run -- like he, he is a nice guy. did it work out too well for him. what he really hits me. id then lindsey graham, thought he was a nice guy, but he hit me. because they want to get their numbers up. not working. in every case, they have gone down. man, can you imagine if i am president?
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playsbody who pays -- tough with us is going down, right? right? >> [cheering] mr. trump: but i look at what is going on and i see so much and i see the way the politicians are controlling. don't forget, i was -- i was the perfect person. castingike, central because before iran, i was on the a list. i contributed a tremendous amount. along welll -- got with democrats, liberals, conservatives. and somebody said, but you give money to democrats. of course i did. i get along with everybody. you have to get along. i was told by hillary in a speech recently -- i was told same day by jeb that we don't like his tone. his tone. his tone veered -- his tone. i built this incredible company
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and you will see because of vote -- book comes out -- it actually comes out -- it comes out on election day. it is going to be great. namepled america," a tough , but it tells you how we are going to fix it. but i am self funding and i was in iowa a few weeks ago and i said to the people, i feel so foolish. these people want to give me millions and millions of dollars. it is sort of like anti-me. why wouldn't i take it echo that is what i do -- take it? that is what i do, i take money. so i said to the group in iowa -- we had 5000 people in an auditorium like this -- i said, look, here is the story. i feel a little bit stupid when i don't take all of this money. supposing i take it -- just supposing -- and i promise i won't do anything for them, and they all stood up and said, no,
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no. i thought i talked them into it. but the truth is i love what i'm doing. i love that i'm self funding because i'm not controlled by anybody. >> [cheering] mr. trump: controlled by you. >> [applause] mr. trump: really, i'm controlled by you. and you have heard me talking about the ford plant. i love it. ford, you want it again? should i do it again? i just think it is good. so for closes a lot of plants. they are building a 2.5 billion-dollar plant in mexico. all right. except when we get out of it? they are going to make cars and trucks and parts and they are going to send them into the united states and other places. how does that help us? you all went to good schools. if you didn't go to good schools, if you never graduated from high school, you know it is not good for us. and a 2.5 billion-dollar pla and -- plant in mexico, that is
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a big plant. they are going to suck our jobs away. and i said to myself, what would if marco rubio or hillary or bush were president? they would know it is no good. and there was a, no, no, no, we can't let that happen. and the following our, they would be -- hour, they would be called by a special lobbyist to give them $1 million, they would be called by one of their owners -- donors who give them $1 million, and they would say, mr. president, you can't do that. they were very helpful in your campaign to become president. you can't do that. and you know what is going to happen? they will say, or she will say, i have to do it. and they will say, no, no, you can't read. and they will say, ok, i want. and the plant will be built.
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let's do the other alternative. chomp as president. they having give me anything. >> [cheering] mr. trump: so i call the head afford. -- of ford. honestly, it is too easy. ford. the head of i say you are building a plant, but you are not implying people in the united states. you are employing other people. and i think that is fine, but to me how we benefit. he will be unable to explain it. believe me. i will say, listen, i want you to build a plant in michigan. or i want you to build a plant here. i don't care. i want it in the united states. i am tired of the jobs with nafta and all these crazy deals we make. i am tired of these jobs -- the new when we are just trying to improve -- i'm tired of these jobs like a vacuum cleaner. they suck the jobs out of our
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country, they suck our money out of the country. we have nothing. we are like a third world country. our airports, our roads, our bridges are falling down. 61% of a bridges are in trouble. we drive over a bridge, it is in trouble. so i would take to them the following: i want to see his name because he happens to be a very good guy, but i would say, let me just tell you something, i want you to build it in the united states. i don't want you leaving. and if you do leave and if you insist on leaving, you are not bringing those cars over free. you are not. you are not doing it. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: remember the trade deficit. remember here we are talking $45 billion to $50 billion a year. you are not bringing those cars over free. we are going to charge a 35% tax on every car, truck, and part that you bring over. >> [cheering]
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mr. trump: now, i believe in free trade. but i also want smart trade. and i want to fair trade. it has got to be fair trade. free is good, but it has to be fair so we can compete. so what happens is the following. he will call up and say, no, no, no, we won't do that, mr. president. in fact, i have given most of them -- the lobbyists, i know all these people -- but now they will call and i will say no, no, no, we have to do the right thing. then i will be called by everybody else, but i haven't taken their money. i owe them nothing. i only owe you people, right? >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: and i will say the following: i am saying, no, we want you to build that plant in the united states. it is going to be built in the
12:16 pm
united states. they will say, no. i guarantee you within 24 hours, probably by 5:00 that afternoon, assuming it is 12:00, you know, they like to call around lunchtime -- assuming the call is made, probably by 5:00, they will say, yes, mr. prez did, we president, we mr. have agreed, we are going to build it in the united states. >> [applause] only thing that will change it they may take an extra day. that is the on the thing. they can't do anything. we have the cards. see, what people don't realize -- obama thinks that they have the card. we have the cards. china has created one of the greatest thefts in the history of the world. it is true. they have sucked our economy
12:17 pm
dry. and if you want to do business in china, and i have many friends that are manufacturers and i love these guys -- and they are great manufacturers -- and they call me all the time, they cannot get their product into china. they can't do it. and when they do, there is a big tax. and we are like the dummies, oh, bring it in. and then they do their currency manipulation, which is one of the reasons that the trade pack doesn't work. hillary clinton was listening to my speech. she was in favor of it 44 times, and the in yesterday -- and then yesterday, she came out against it. you know why? she knows she is going to get killed on that. killed. >> [cheering] [applause] it trump: and i have to hand to hillary clinton, i have to hand it to her. i have to hand it to her. it took great courage for her to
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go against president obama on the trade pack. do you know why? indicted!ybe she gets >> [cheering] mr. trump: because she is being totally protected by the democrats because what she did is illegal. and you look at general betray us. he did 5% of -- what she did, and they destroyed his life. ,ther people have done far less and a life is destroyed. so the democrats aren't just protecting her. there is no reason for this. i wanted to go a fair investigation, let everything be fair, but what has happened is absolutely crazy.
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so, let's see if she -- she might have done ok last night. she did. but nobody attacked her. nobody attacked her. there was no attack. in my debates, i hate to say this -- but in my debates they said, mr. trump, what do you think of this that the man next to said? and then they go to him and they say donald trump called to a horrible human being. it was like a reality television show. as last night, they would ask a question, they would get an answer. with me, everything was an attack. it is crazy. and yet every poll said i won that debate. every poll. >> [cheering] mr. trump: every poll. but it was a whole different story. so we have to do something about that. let me give you one other quick story. nabisco, right?
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.reos they are closing their big plant in chicago. .hey are moving to mexico i am never eating another oreo ever again, ever! so, i'm going to talk to them. i don't want the cookies made and sold -- i just want it. it is unfair to us. chicago is losing this large plant. it is going to another country. we have a thing called corporate inversion. companies have trillions and trillions of dollars outside of the united states, ok? trillions. they think minimum $2.5 trillion. i think it is much more than that. it is covered in my tax plan. we have people and we have companies -- in the old days, they moved from new york to florida, whatever. now they move from the united states to foreign countries.
12:21 pm
they take all those jobs. and one of the reasons they are moving is because they can't get the money that they made outside of the united states back into this country. and you know that every single politician practically in washington agrees -- democrats, republicans -- they all agree that we should allow it to come back. it is good. and you know why they can't agree? because we don't have a leader in the white house. that is really why. we don't have a leader. >> [cheering] mr. trump: this is a situation where every single politician practically wants it to come. and they can't agree. so we are doing something wrong. but to really, what it is, it is leadership. it is leadership. you get them into a room and get something done. >> [cheering] [applause] things are so --
12:22 pm
thatning in this country people haven't seen happen in 50 years. i got a call the other day from a tremendous reporter, one of the few honest ones, and he said how does it feel? what you have done. because think of this -- you know what? they will tell you. i spent so little money and i am waiting every poll, every state, everything. every poll,ing every state, everything. i like budget. we all have budget. i thought i had spent about $20 million up until this point. you know what i spent? like, nothing. because i was going to spend a tremendous amount on advertising. thewe have gone so far and polls and everything are so good and the crowds are so great, i
12:23 pm
don't like to waste money. and i get so much on television -- >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: it is true. tonight, i am doing a rally. much -- t i spent so interview is better than a commercial, don't we agree? right? better. a commercial, you turn it off, you go home. some of these guys have spent tens of millions of dollars and have 1%. it goodt the myself, is to talk about how little we spend? in one way, they say, oh, he should've spent more. but in one way, i am very proud of it. i am very proud of it. very proud. now, i will spend as we need to. but it is great. think of it. i have spent the least of everybody and i'm first place. is that good echo right? -- good right -- good?
12:24 pm
right? any baseball fans in the audience? ok. did anybody ever hear of charles o finley? he had the lowest payroll in baseball -- the lowest payroll -- and he won the world series three times. he had reggie jackson, sold him to the yankees. he had george's -- george steinbrenner, with my great friends, he said this guy is brutal. donald, he doesn't spend any money and he is going to kill us. george is great. george was great. but here is a guy, the lowest payroll -- now, think of it -- by far, by far in baseball, and get he had the best team. and he won three world series, i think, in a row, right? there is something beautiful about that to me. to me there is something beautiful about that.
12:25 pm
so we will spend whatever we have to spend. one of the things that happened that is so incredible, i did "meet the press," nice. he had his highest ratings in 4.5 years. he called our office and said thank you. i saved his job. i saved his job. >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: and i did the same -- i did "this week" with george stephanopoulos. this is two weeks ago. but they asked me a question. just to show you it is terrible. are said, mr. trump, you leading all the polls, getting the biggest crowds, everybody is going crazy. they said, mr. trump, is there anyway that you would get out of the race? and i said to myself -- no, think of it. who would be asked that question? if you are in first place, would anybody else but me be asked
12:26 pm
that question? so they said, is there any way you get out of the race? i don't get a -- give a very honest answer. one, but if number we weren't, and if everything went down, the polls come the crowds, if you don't call anywhere because you don't want interviews because it is over -- like some of the guys we are running against -- i mean, honestly -- honestly, if i were some of those guys, what is the purpose echo do they gain -- purpose? do they gain something by having zero? guys like george pataki, he's got zero. guys like rand paul -- i hate to say it -- he attacks me. he was much higher when he attacked, right? but he went -- i refuse to embarrass anybody. ok. so i said to him, so, if for some reason everything just tanked and i went down, i would
12:27 pm
certainly consider it. next day headlines, trump considering leaving. it is so dishonest. and it took a couple of unbelievable polls to stop it. it took a couple of unbelievable polls, which i get all the time. i said, wait a minute, i didn't say that. but they put out something and it is so false and it is so disgusting to remember this: much of the press i have met have been wonderful people. like, 30%, ok? >> [laughter] mr. trump: but you have would say 10% to 20% who are truly bad people. they are dishonest, they are horrible human beings. they know -- it is not a question of being lazy or anything, they actually go out of their way to write false stories. and somebody asked me today -- i did an interview today -- and
12:28 pm
they said, what has been your biggest surprise? i said i didn't know my biggest surprise, but my most lesson surprise is how brilliant the public is. they get it. the public get it. they really get it. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. trump: but it has been tremendous. i was going to tell you before -- a friend of mine said, how do you do that to echo -- how do you do that? by the way, no disrespect, but every place i go, you would love these people. whether it is alabama, alice, oklahoma -- dallas, oklahoma, it is all the same. you are incredible people. it is true. it is true. >> [applause] mr. trump: they want to see our country be great again. they know it can be. they want to see it happen. they want to see victories.
12:29 pm
we don't win with anything. we don't one with isis. we don't win with libya. we don't win with yemen. with intel you see that. and they are going into saudi arabia, folks. and, by the way, we will defend saudi arabia. and we will defend them for nothing did even though they make $1 billion a day. i ordered 4000 television sets recently. they come from south korea. south korea makes a fortune as a country. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line. and we have this maniac on the other side. we have our soldiers right between. they pass like nothing. we defend germany. a lot of people don't even know. we defend germany. they are a behemoth economically. we defend them. we defend japan. they give us nothing, relatively. they give is, like, nothing. we defend them.
12:30 pm
and you say to yourself, why? i love japan. it is great. help us out, give us something, we could get rid of all these deficits. we could make -- we could make -- >> [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: it is true. and then you had the stupid people say, oh, you can't ask for that, you are a sovereign nation. they have to help us out. but here's the deal we have with japan. we'll go -- we will defend them without lives, our money. if they get attacked, we will fight. we got a guy, like with sergeant six young great people were killed looking for him. get fivergdahl, they
12:31 pm
of the terrorists they have wanted for years. these are the deals we make because we have leadership that doesn't know what the hell it's doing. [applause] in the old days, when bergdahl, it was treason. you would shoot him. you get shot. you have been reading the news. they think he won't even get jail time. you know he had psychological difficulty. they don't know what happened. he wasn't feeling good. we are going in the wrong direction. you look around at all the people here tonight. you remember because it is happening, it is a movement. it is absolutely a movement. i get calls. i was going to tell you from a
12:32 pm
highly respected guy, he asked if i could ask you one question. how does it feel? i said how does what feel. he said what you've done has never been done before in politics. you are an outsider, you came in, they call it the summer of trump. --y said it has never been the top guy. he said it's never been done. how does it feel? i said i will be honest, to me it doesn't feel like anything because unless we win i have wasted my time. he said no you haven't. what you've done is incredible. mel is a while ago, i think he's afraid to write story. i said i understand what you're saying but i'm telling you unless i win, unless we went in the primaries, and we can't have these politicians any longer, we
12:33 pm
can't do it. all talk, no action. no ability. they have one ability. in to get reelected, that is it. that's what they have to do, they have to get reelected. i said, i told him if i don't win, i consider it to be a massive failure. that means win the election because otherwise we have all had a lot of fun but nothing is going to happen. i watched hillary last night. the poor woman, she has to give everything away because of this maniac that was standing on her right giving everything away and she is following. [applause] this socialist/communist. nobody once to say it. wants to say it.
12:34 pm
in all fairness to her, she is listening to this guy. he will take everything. nobody has heard the term communist but i call him a socialist/communist because that's what he is. , nowyou see her stand up it is her turn and she goes oh i'm going to do that too. she is not doing too well and in had to head polls, i beat her by five or six points. i love it. we have to be careful. here is the story. you look around, you will remember this night. as a very him working person told me -- important person told me, there's a movement.
12:35 pm
when you are leading by 20 and 25 points, leading in south carolina by 20. in all of these places like nevada and leading with hispanics. [applause] because they know how to create jobs. andthey are here legally want people taking their houses. they want what they have. and they wanted to get better. they want jobs./ when we are leading by 20 or 25 points, one poll had me 40% above everybody else. those are massive numbers. as this person said, this is a movement. this is no longer a game. they all said he will never run and had a wonderful life. i do. they said he is never going to run. he will never file form a.
12:36 pm
then they said he will never put in the financials because he is probably not as wealthy as people thought. i have almost 100 pages of financials. they said he'll the men but he'll put them in my late. smoke these guys i am running against, they put them in late and it's one page. they needed an extension. they say he will never put it in his finances. i did a good job. [applause] so i put in my financials and all of these guys, i call them the talking heads. devastated because they said he wasn't running. he will never file. i put in my financials and it
12:37 pm
turns out my company is a good, better, stronger. it is fantastic. we have the biggest winery on the east coast. the great land on the potomac river. you know it because you're from virginia. another where i go i have property coming out of my ears. i have little debt, great cash flow. because that'st the kind of thinking we need in the country. [applause] that is the kind of thinking. thank you.
12:38 pm
if you think some of the countries we have talked about. you think instead of losing in terms of china, let's say instead 352 400 billion dollars , and trade deficits, let's say we broke even. does anybody have any idea what that means? ,nstead of losing with japan $75 billion per year. let's say we broke even. let's say they agreed to take one of our products so we can equalize. not that it's a one-way street. we have the cards because we can say we don't want your cars anymore. they wouldn't know what to do. so. we are going to do a job. i give you my word.
12:39 pm
i don't care about my company, it is peanuts. i have wonderful children. my kids are wonderful, i wife is wonderful. but my three older kids will run it with my executives. it doesn't mean anything, it is peanuts. i want to make you people so proud of this country again. [applause] around. at all the people here, look around at the people next to you because this is a special night. we are going to make america great again. thank you [applause] ♪
12:40 pm
>> all caps in long,